Swedish Farmers Disease Control Program

Additional requirements for import of farm animals to Sweden to secure a continued freedom of disease

After Sweden joined the European Union in 1995 border control of certain important infectious diseases in farm animals was no longer legislated for. In order to maintain the positive animal health status in Swedish livestock additional voluntary testing schemes were developed by the animal health business sector within the framework of the Swedish Farmers´ Disease Control Program. The program is managed and financed by the Swedish consultancy company Farm & Animal Health (Gård & Djurhälsan) in cooperation with LRF Dairy Sweden (LRF Mjölk).

The import requirements for live animals and genetic material developed by the Swedish Farmers´ Disease Control Program (SDS) supplement the official, statutory requirements set by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, based on EU legislation. 

The recommendations by SDS is very well accepted among farmers and other businesses importing live farm animals and genetic material.

The diligent adherence by the different stakeholders is an important factor for the maintained status of freedom of certain important animal diseases. The prevention of the introduction of diseases previously eradicated, or diseases never ocurring in Sweden, has significantly contributed to the very good animal health status, and the concurrent low antibiotic usage,  in Swedish farm animals.

For questions regarding the additional requirements please contact:

Dr Anne Mörner, Veterinarian in charge
Farm & Animal Health
Phone: +4618682726

Email: anne.morner@gardochdjurhalsan.se

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