Swedish Farmers Disease Control Program

Information regarding additional requirements for import of farm animals to Sweden

Since Sweden joined the European Union the Swedish Board of Agriculture has only had limited possibilities of setting requirement tests for certain diseases in connection with import of live animals. Therefor the farmers and producers in Sweden founded the Swedish Farmer´s Disease Control Program in order to maintain the animal health situation. The program is run by the Swedish company Farm & Animal Health (Gård & Djurhälsan) in cooperation with LRF Dairy Sweden (LRF Mjölk).

The additional import requirements set and recommended by the Swedish Farmer´s Disease Control Program are consequently demanded by the importing farmer or company and shall be separated from the official requirements set by the Swedish Board of Agriculture. 

Any questions regarding the additional requirements should be addressed to:

Ebba Schwan
Farm & Animal Health
Tel: 0498-28 39 82 (+46 498 28 39 82)
Mobil: 072-230 86 77 (+46 72 230 86 77)
Fax: 0498-531 35 (+46 498 531 35)
Email: ebba.schwan@gardochdjurhalsan.se

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